Mystical Herbs, $9 pkg [each packet based upon weight].
These are not just ordinary herbs… These are magikal, mystikal~energized herbs.

Empowered with the elements to do your bidding. If it is to be, then so shall it come…
Includes an incantation with “Words of Power” to use.

You can burn, throw outside, or smoke, [etc…] to create a magikal mixture, some of these are Magikal, Medical, and Culinary. PLEASE check before using any of these herbs beforehand.!!!


Agrimony, protection, banishes negative energy, aire.

Allspice, prosperity, courage, energy, strength, fire.

Almond~ money, wisdom, aire.

Angelica Root (Archangel Root) Protection, healing, visions, health, meditation, divination, fire. Enhances female power and strength, protects children. (also known as Holy Ghost Root, Archangel Root, and Dong Quai is widely thought to be a powerful Guardian and Healer, and to provide Strength to Women. History usage believed that Angelica Root is used by many people for the purpose of Warding off Evil and bringing Good Luck to Health and Family Matters. Some folks tell us that they place the root in a white flannel bag, anoint it with ‘Blessing Oil’ and keep it near the Baby for protection. Others claim that dressing a whole Angelica Root and a pinch of Lavender Flowers with ‘Peaceful Home Oil’ and carrying them in a blue flannel bag will bring Peace to the Home and Faithfulness to the Marriage.
Angelica is an herb that has several uses. The leaves are frequently added when cooking red currants, rhubarb, gooseberries, and red plums to help reduce the acidity and sweeten these often sour fruits.
Its seeds are sometimes used in pastry. The stems are usually crystallized and used as a decorative pastry garnish. The leaves and stems impart a celery flavor if added to sauces, and vegetable dishes.
Long ago, Angelica was burned as incense to perfume the house. The herb takes its name from the story that an angel came to earth when the plague was rampant and told people to hold a piece of Angelica root in their mouths to ward off pestilence.
The root of Angelica can be used for making tea. A syrup made from the stems and leaves can be stored and diluted to use as a drink and tea made from the dried leaves is said to be good for soothing the nerves, tension, colds cough, and rheumatism.

Asafoetida, exorcism, banishing, fire.

Agrimony – Banish negativity, protection, reverse spells.
Used to send curses or spells back to the one who has placed them against you. Agrimony can also be used in any spells or charm bags for protection.

Alkanet Root can be carried, worn, or used in spells to attract all forms of prosperity. Burn as an incense to rid an area of negativity.  Prosperity, purification.

Allspice – Money, good fortune, health Powder and burn as an incense. carry to attract good fortune, money and to encourage well-being.

Asafoetida, To expel negativity, to purify the body, to create a protective barrier when complete.

Ash, Protection, Prosperity, Sea Rituals, Health.

Aspen, Eloquence, Anti-theft.

Aster, Love.

Avocado, Love, Lust, Beauty.

Bachelor’s Button, Love.

Balm of Gilead – Love, Manifestations, Protection, Healing
The buds are carried to ease a broken heart and can be added to love and protection charms and spells. Comforts those who have lost in love, encourages the reconciliation of estranged lovers.

Balm, Lemon, Love, Success, Healing

Bamboo, Protection, Luck, Hex-Breaking, Wishes

Banana, Fertility, Potency, Prosperity

Barley, Love, Healing, Protection.

Basil, mend quarrels, sympathy, happiness, fire, love.

Bay, Protection, Psychic Powers, Healing, Purification, Strength.

Bayberry (Wax Myrtle) – Sprinkled on the money in your wallet to attract more money and good fortune to you.

Bearberry (Uva-Ursi) – Divination, Psychic work
Carry in a sachet to increase psychic powers. When powdered, Uva Ursi can be sprinkled around the area of divination rituals.

Benzoin, Prosperity, astral projection, purification. Prosperity (aire)

Betony, Protects against Nightmares; Despair.

Black Snake Root – Love, Lust, Money
Worn to attract a lover. It is placed in the bedroom and added to baths for lust. It is believed that when Black Snake Root is carried in the pocket or purse it will attract money towards you.

Bladderwrack – Protection, sea spells, wind spells, money, psychic powers

Blessed Thistle – Protection, cleansing, to remove the hex. (fire)

Boneset – Protection, exorcism
To prevent and stop illness and accidents by getting rid of evil conditions around you.

Borage, Psychic abilities, financial gain. A culinary herb mostly popular in Central Europe. Its light cucumber fragrance is usually suitable for salads prepared from raw vegetables. Sometimes borage is used to make pureed soups. Borage is a favorite herb for flavoring summer drinks, usually fruit and wine cups. The blue and occasionally pink delicate flowers are edible. The leaves can be eaten in salads and the flowers are added as decoration. The blooms can also be candied. Watch out for the thorny leaves. Tender leaves and star-shaped flowers have a very mild cucumber flavor. The plant grows wild in Central and Eastern Europe.
Boiling, frying, and simmering will quickly destroy most of its characteristic fragrance.
Young flowers of borage can be pink and become blue only in the course of their individual flowering period.

Broom Flowers- Purification, protection, wind spells, divination, bless weddings, weather magick, (aire)

Burdock Root – Protection, healing, cleansing.

Calamus Root – Luck, Healing, Money, and Protection
It is believed that a small quantity of Calamus in each corner of the kitchen will protect the occupants from hunger and poverty. Used to bind and strengthen spells. Add to healing incense. Used by those who wish to control a situation. Growing Calamus is said to be lucky. Also known as Sweet Flag.

Calendula Flowers – Protection, prophetic dreams, legal matters
For protection while asleep and to invoke prophetic dreams, scatter calendula flowers under the bed. Place in the bathwater to win the admiration and respect of those you meet. Carry calendula to be looked upon favorably in court.

Carnation – Feminine energy, healing, strength, water

Catnip – Cat magic, love, beauty, happiness
Make a tea out of this to promote sleep, use to attract a familiar, let your cat eat some out of your hand to create a psychic bond. As incense, it may be used to consecrate magical tools. Used to captivate your lover with your special ways and to capture his or her heart.

Cedar Leaf – Healing, money, protection, good fortune, Burned for purification, to stimulate or strengthen psychic powers, attract love, prevent nightmares. Hang some cedar in your home to protect it from lightning. This fragrant tree was used by Native Americans of the Plains. Cedar twigs were placed on hot stones in sweat lodges for purification purposes. The Pawnee burned twigs of this tree to banish nightmares and nervous conditions. In the ancient world, cedar from Lebanon was so highly prized as incense that only a few trees remain. The name Lebanon is derived from the Akkadian word lubbunu, incense.

Chamomile- Love, meditation, peace, water

Chicory Root – Removing obstacles, favors, frigidity Chicory was credited with great magical powers, including invisibility and opening of locked chests and subterranean caverns for those in search of treasure.

Chervil, Also known as Gourmet Parsley and Garden Chervil. Can be used as fresh leaves or dried. Store dried leaves in a cool, dry, dark place away from heat light, and moisture. Dried chervil will keep for 6 months. Chervil is a delicate herb with a subtle taste. It has a slightly anise-like flavor that can be quickly lost in cooking. Garnish salads with it, but serve it at the last moment. Chervil is a very popular herb in France. It is an important ingredient in the traditional French herb blend, Fines Herbes. Chervil is better used as a fresh herb because during a cooking process a lot of its anise-like aroma and parsley taste is lost. Chervil is extremely delicate although it has a very strong oil. Add finely chopped leaves to soups, fish, and egg dishes in the last ten to twelve minutes of cooking so its flavor is not cooked away.

Cinnamon Energy, creativity, passion, fire

Clove – Banishing, love, fire

Coltsfoot – Psychic Powers, Visions, Love
Burn as an incense to help you to see the future. Use in spells of peace and tranquility.  Caution – It is said that, smoking this herb can cause visions. Add to love sachets to increase their power.

Comfrey Root – Carried for safety and good health while traveling or when away from home.

Copal Resin – Purification, cleansing, fire

Damiana – Lust, love, visions, sexual prowess, energy
Burn for opening psychic powers and cause visions. Used to draw a new lover, to intensify sexual passion, or to bring back a straying lover.

Dandelion Root – Divination, wishes, calling spirits
Burn on a charcoal disc with frankincense or acacia gum to promote visions or spirit communications. Bury in the Northwest corner of the house to bring good fortune.

Dill – Money, luck, protection

Elder Flowers (Devil’s Eye) – Exorcism, protection, healing
Wear or carry to protect against negativity or evil and to repel attackers of every kind. Also has the power to release any spells cast against you. Sacred to many goddess figures.

Elecampane – Love, protection, psychic powers
Useful in raising spirits and aid in meditation.

Fennel – Protection, Healing fire

Frankincense – Exorcism, purification, spirituality, fire

Galangal Root (lo john) – Lust, health, money, psychic powers
Burn to break hexes and spells made against you. Wear for good luck and protection (this has a very strong odor though).

Gardenia – Love, peace, healing

Gentian – Power, love, curse breaker
Add gentian to any incense or mixture to increase its power. Gentian is used as a curse breaker and placed in the bath or carried to attract love.

Ginger – Success, courage, strength, fire

Gotu Kola – Meditation

Hazel, witch, Divination, psychic abilities, dreams, aire

Hawthorn Berries – Money, good fortune, health
If feeling low or troubled carry hawthorn to encourage happiness and a state of well-being. Also carried or worn for protection from evil spells. Hawthorn is regarded as being sacred to fairies.

Heather – Peace, beginnings, weather magick, water

Hemlock – Purification, cooling emotions, water

Hibiscus Flowers – Lust, love, divination

Holly – protection, luck, fire

Honeysuckle – healing, love, creativity, earth

Horehound – Protection, mental powers, exorcism, healing, clarity.

Hyssop – Protection, purification, is the most renowned herb used for purification in magick. Place in a white bag and hang from the home to purify it of any negativity or evil. Carry or place in bath water for protection. An infusion made from hyssop and sprinkled around an area will protect it and anyone who resides within it.  A pretty plant, hyssop is a perennial with dark, narrow leaves and spikes of flowers in late summer. The usual color is blue but both pink and white varieties are available. The semi-evergreen leaves of hyssop have been used as a medicine since Old Testament times and hyssop tea is sometimes recommended to relieve bronchitis and catarrh.
These days it is the culinary value of the leaves which is more important. The flavor is strong and is usually described as sage-minty, licorice-minty, or bitterly-minty. Hyssop’s bitter, slightly minty flavor brightens salads, pork, chicken soup, marinades, fruit soups, and sage stuffing. Both its leaves and flowers are edible, but they should not be used together because the flavor of the leaves overpowers that of the flowers. Bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds love this plant, and this alone makes it a valuable addition to the herb garden.

Irish Moss – Money, luck, protection
To bring continuous good luck and a steady flow of money in business and gambling.

Jalop Root (high john) –
Worn or carried it is said to protect the bearer, guard their health and bring good luck. Aids psychic development. The powder is burned to break spells and curses and sprinkled around the home to promote lust. Also knows as Low John Powder and Jalop Powder.

Jasmine Flowers – Love, money, prophetic dreams, sexuality. Used in love spells, charms and sachets. Women have used Jasmine from the earliest recorded history because of its seductive effects on men.

Job’s Tears – Wishes, luck
An extremely rare herb. Hold seven seeds and focus on your wish. Carry for seven days to make what you desire come true. Carry for good fortune.

Juniper Berries – Protection, Anti-theft, Exorcism, Love and Health, love charms. To increase virility in men, enhance sensuality in women, and attract physical love. The berries are used to attract lovers once dried and worn as a charm.

Knotweed – Binding
Used for binding any problems one has. Place in your hand and visualize them being drawn into the knotweed and then burn the herb and discard the ashes.

Lammint – Love, purification, psychic powers, healing
Add to love blends. Used in purification and healing spells. Make an infusion, add to wash water, and clean furniture, floors, and walls to be rid of negativity and aid in raising the vibrations of the area.

Lavender (Elf Leaf) – Love, purification, peace, happiness, sleep, Used in love spells. Add to bath for purification before performing rituals. Protects against ‘evil eye’ when worn. Scatter about home to maintain peace and happiness. Burn to induce sleep and rest.  The green-gray needle-like leaves and spikes of fragrant purple-mauve flowers are known to almost everyone, but there are other varieties with green leaves and white, pink, or dark purple flowers. Even if you don’t use it in cooking, it makes a nice addition to any herb garden. Lavender is an incredibly versatile herb for cooking. In today’s upscale restaurants, fresh edible flowers are making a comeback as enhancements to both the flavor and appearance of food.  Flowers and leaves can be used fresh, and both buds and stems can be used dried. Lavender is a member of the mint family and is close to rosemary, sage, and thyme. It is best used with fennel, oregano, rosemary, thyme, sage, and savory.  English Lavender has the sweetest fragrance of all the lavenders and is the one most commonly used in cooking. Lavender has a sweet, floral flavor, with lemon and citrus notes. The potency of the lavender flowers increases with drying. In cooking, use 1/3 the number of dried flowers to fresh. Because of the strong flavor of lavender, a little goes a long way.

Lemon Balm (Melissa) – Love potions, aphrodisiacs, fertility, anti-depressant, Drink as an infusion to soothe emotional pains after a relationship ends.  When using whole leaves be sure to handle them with care, as they tend to bruise and turn black. Mix lemon balm with other fresh herbs for homemade herb vinegar. Freeze some leaves in ice cubes to serve in lemonade.
Lemon balm is a lemon-scented herb of the mint family. For a tasty general seasoning, use it in tandem with tarragon. Try adding some freshly minced leaves to lamb or fish marinades for the grill. The taste of the leaves adds the perfect tangy note to fruit salads. Freshly steamed vegetables come alive when tossed with a chiffonade of Lemon Balm and a touch of cracked pepper. Although lemon balm dries quickly and easily it will not be as fragrant dried as fresh. It can be dried outside in partial shade but will brown quickly if there is any night moisture. When dry, store in tightly closed containers.

Lemon Verbena – Love, purification
Worn or used in love spells to attract the opposite sex. Burn lemon verbena or add to bath for purification.

Licorice Root – Lust, love, fidelity Use in lust and love sachets. Carried to attract love. Also used in spells to ensure fidelity.

Lilac – Protection, Psychic abilities. Divination

Linden (Lime) Flowers – Protection, immortality, luck, love, sleep

Lovage – Love,  is used with other herbs such as damiana, snakeroot, or meadowsweet in love mixtures. Place in a red-colored mojo bag and carry with you as a love attractant.

Marigold – Legal matters, dreams, divination (fire)

Mandrake – Protection, To Protect, love, health (fire)

Marshmallow – Psychic powers, protection Carry or burn as incense to stimulate psychic powers and in rites of protection. Place on the altar to attract good spirits during rituals.

Meadowsweet – Love, peace (air) divination, peace, happiness.Tranquility, Happiness, Weddings
It is believed when Meadowsweet is strewn about the house, it will keep the peace and cheer the heart. It is used in many love spells and is often placed on the altar during weddings to ensure a lasting relationship.

Mint – Healing, prosperity, creativity (air)

Mistletoe – Protection, love, hunting, fertility, and health. Fire
Mistletoe is a sacred plant to the ancient Druids and Romans, who believed it could cure illness, ensure fertility and protect against evil. It is believed that Mistletoe bestows love, goodwill, and friendships. ‘Exchanging a kiss’ under Mistletoe signifies goodwill; a promise to marry.

Mugwort – Psychic abilities, divination, protection (earth) Dreams, Clairvoyance, Protect, Consecration. It is believed that inhaling the fragrance of Mugwort before going to sleep induces psychic dreams and helps Astral Projection. Strength, psychic powers, protection, healing, inducing prophetic dreams, protecting travelers, aid in astral projection, and fertility. Steep in hot water, when cooled, strain the mugwort and use the water to cleanse magickal items and crystals. In Europe, mugwort has long been associated with superstition and witchcraft and was seen as a protective charm against evil and danger. Legend holds that St. John the Baptist wore a girdle of the leaves in the wilderness. This herb has long been associated with the seer and the Moon.

Mullein – Exorcism, Protection, Courage
Carry Mullein to provide courage and to be attractive to the opposite sex. Place under a pillow to protect against nightmares. Considered to be a powerful protectant from evil spirits and magic, placed in a black sachet and hangover windows and doors.

Myrrh – Purification, healing, spirituality (water)

Nettle – Protection, passion (fire)  Exorcism, Lust, and Healing. It has been known for its protective powers. To lift a curse and send it back, fill a poppet with nettle or just carry it in a sachet. Sprinkle about the home to keep out evil. Toss into a fire to ward off danger.

Oak Bark – Protection, health, money, healing, potency, fertility, luck

Orange – Protection, passion (fire)

Orange Peel – Love, divination, luck, money

Orris Root – Love (water) – Love protection, divination Aids in astral projection, makes an excellent scrying incense.  Powder – Love, Protection Often referred to as ‘Love Drawing Powder’, powdered Orris Root is placed in sachets (mojo bags), sprinkled on clothing, bedsheets, around the house, or on the body to attract love. Sprinkle in the bath for personal protection. A sacred herb to the goddess Aphrodite and Hera. Used in incense making to fix the scents.

Passion Flower – Peace, Sleep, Friendships It is believed that Passion Flower placed in the home will calm problems and troubles. When carried on by the person it is said to attract friends and popularity. Placed below the pillow it is believed to help sleep.

Patchouli – Money, lust, fertility (earth) Patchouli Leaves – Money, Fertility, Lust.
Well known as a love herb and a sexual stimulant. To promote lust, tie patchouli in a muslin cloth and add it to bathwater. Sprinkle around green candles in money rituals – an excellent money-attracting herb. Add to fertility talismans and incense mixtures for love. Can be burnt on charcoal disks.

Pennyroyal – Protection, Peace, Strength Wear to guard against the evil eye. Aids in making business deals. If given to an arguing couple it will cause them to resolve their dispute – known as the herb of peace.

Peony Root – Protection,  has long been held in great regard for its protective powers, worn or carried, it guards the user against harm or negativity. Hang above the door or use in incense mixtures designed for exorcism. A good substitute for mandrake.

Pine – Prosperity, fertility, healing (air)

Red Sandalwood Chips – Protection, healing Burned to exorcise demons and evil ghosts, conjure beneficial spirits, and promote spiritual awareness.

Rose – Love, healing, friendship (water) Rose Petals – Love, Luck, Prophetic Dreams
Roses are well known for their association with love and have been used in love blends for this reason. Burn on charcoals and visualize your desire. Sprinkle around an area or simply carry it with you. Make a tea and drink before sleeping to bring on prophetic dreams. Add to mixtures for luck and carry for protection.

Rosemary – Cleansing, purification. (fire)

Rue – Banishing, protection (fire) Health, Healing,
To break hexes or jinxes that have been cast upon you; to ward off the Evil Eye. Spiritual cleansing, healing, health, mental powers, exorcism, and love. Worn around the neck it is believed to aid in recuperation from illnesses and ward off future health problems. Added to bath water it is believed to break hexes and curses which have been cast against you. Often added to healing formulas.

Sage – is available in fresh or dried leaves whole, crumbled (rubbed), or ground. Fresh sage can be refrigerated for about a week, while dried should be kept in an airtight container and stored in a cool dry place. Sage is an herb from an evergreen shrub in the mint family. Fresh sage sprigs have long, narrow grayish-green leaves and, although it is a member of the mint family, it has a musty yet smoky aroma.   Sage enhances pork, lamb, meats, and sausages. Chopped leaves flavor salads, pickles, and cheese. Crumble leaves for full fragrance. Use ground Sage sparingly as foods absorb its flavor more quickly. Sage is a wonderful flavor enhancement for seafood, vegetables, stuffing, and other savory bread. Rub sage, cracked pepper, and garlic into pork tenderloin or chops before cooking.

Sage bundles come in hundreds of possibilities. See our complete list here.

Sandalwood – Spirituality, healing (water)

Sarsaparilla Root – Love, money

Scullcap – Fidelity, Relaxation, Peace It is believed that a woman who wears Scullcap, protects her husband against the charms of other women. It is sprinkled around the house to bring peaceful vibrations. When carried it is said to help you to relax in times of stress.

Senna – Love  A potent herb used in love spells. Write your desire on a triangular piece of paper, place herb on the paper then scrunch the paper into a ball and throw it into a fire.

Solomon’s Seal – Exorcism, Purification, and Protection
Use this powerful powder with caution. Added to incense for exorcism and protection rituals to intensify their power. In magical rites, it is said to destroy manifestations of spirits if thrown onto a fire. To increase wisdom and make wise decisions; for success.

Spikenard – Clarity, Fidelity, Health, Good Luck, Love
“Herb Of The Student” is Another very sought-after botanical. When placed in an open container next to you when studying, it is said to increase mental clarity and concentration. Anointing a photo of a loved one with a tea made from Spikenard is said to ensure their fidelity. Spikenard is mentioned in the Song of Solomon in the Bible and is the herb that Mary used to anoint Jesus before the Last Supper. It is one of the early aromatics used by the ancient Egyptians and was also used by the Roman perfumers in the preparation of nardinum, one of their most celebrated scented oils.

Star Anise – Protection, psychic awareness, repels evil spirits (air)  Stops misfortunes, increases psychic power, brings back lost love, and increases good luck.

St Johns Wort – Health, power, protection, love, divination, happiness, Confidence, Commanding, Strength It is believed that when carried St. Johns Wort gives a person confidence, strength, and the ability to be in command of a situation. Also when placed in a jar and hung by the window it is said to protect against thunderbolts, fire, and evil spirits. Placed beneath the pillow it was believed to allow unmarried women to dream of their future husbands.

Thyme –  Sleep, protection, courage (water)

Tonka Beans – Good luck (water)  Wishes, Love, Courage
Known as the ‘Wishing Bean’. Used throughout the ages to make wishes come true. Carried to attract money, bring luck, grant courage, and ward off illness. Used to make wishes come true.

Valerian –  Love, sleep, protection (water) Calming, psychics, astral projection, past-life work, protection, Sleep, Love, Romance, Purification Placed inside a pillow is said to aid sleep. Calming and purifying in matters of love. Said to help to quarrel couples get back together again. Carry in a red mojo bag or use in spells of love. Sometimes used as ‘graveyard dirt’ when powdered. (This herb REALLY stinks) -a tea from this herb induces sleep. Also used in raising demonic spirits, making pacts, and casting evil spells.

Vanilla – Lust, love, courage (water)

Vetiver Root – Love, hex-breaking, luck, money, anti-theft Burn to break curses and protection against “negative” magic.

Vervain –  Love, prosperity, sleep, healing, creativity (earth) Love, protection, purification, peace, money, youth, chastity, sleep, healing, wealth, and preventing Nightmares It is believed that if Vervain is buried in the garden the plants will thrive and if placed in the housing wealth will flow. It is worn to calm emotions and to drink as tea to prevent nightmares.

Violet Leaves – Protection, luck, love, lust, wishes, peace, healing Worn in the shoe to attract a new lover, bring back lost love, or heal a broken heart.

White Sage Purification, repels negativity, wisdom (air) Purifying, Exorcism, Healing
White Sage is also known as ‘Grandfather Sage’ – the sacred herb to the American Indian culture.
Add to healing and purifying incense or burn White Sage leaves on charcoal to cleanse an area.

White Willow Bark – Love, divination, protection, healing

Witchhazel – Protection, chastity

Wormwood – Psychic Powers, Protection, Love, Success, and Calling Spirits.
Hung from the rearview mirror it is said to protect the vehicle from accidents. Burn to stimulate and increase psychic powers. When mixed with Sandalwood and burned in a graveyard it is said to be able to conjure spirits from their graves.

Wood Betony – Purification, Protection Hang Wood Betony above the door to prevent any evil from entering. Used as tea it will protect one from bad dreams and visions. Add to any incense or mixes used for protection or purification purposes. Carry to make you appealing to others.
Wormwood Scrying, divination, exorcism (fire)

Yarrow Love, psychic abilities, banishing (water) Courage, Exorcism, Love
It is believed that when you hold Yarrow in your hand, it will stop all fear and grant you courage. It is hung over the bed to ensure a love lasting at least seven years. Yarrow is carried to bring love and attract friends. It is said to increase psychic powers when drunk as a tea. Also used to exorcise evil and negativity from a person, place or thing. Breaks curses, increases psychic power and stimulates courage in dangerous situations.

Yellow dock – Healing, Fertility, Money Sprinkle about your place of business to attract customers. Believed to help a woman conceive a child when tied around her left arm. Used in money spells.

Yerba Mate – Fidelity, Love, Lust Worn to attract the opposite sex. Made as tea, it is a fine lust potion. Drink with a loved one, it is said to ensure you will stay together. Sprinkle on anointed red candles to empower love spells and add to incense mixtures for matters of love.

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