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Natural born Psychic. Highly respected Tarot Reader, Energy Reader, Spiritual Teacher, Seer, Occultist, Author, Psychic, Consults, Medium, Clairvoyant, and worker of Magik. [Just to name a few].

Mz. Kaye was born a natural Psychic and Energy Reader. Mz. Kaye uses her gifts as a Seer, Psychic, and Medium to help people answer questions and overcome their concerns about life, careers, destiny, love, and those who have passed over.
As an Energy Reader, Mz. Kaye hones in on your particular area of question. Straight-forward and honest, Mz. Kaye will amaze you with her knowledge of your query.

Mz. Kaye has the ability to control the energy she contains to move it around and assist others in healing. Many people prefer different types of healing methods and Mz. Kaye is proficient in several methods of the healing arts. [[As an energy reader, Mz Kaye can control the energy that she contains and from the elements around as she helps others in healing. Different types of people different types healing methods of methods.]] $57.00 per ½ hour.

Creator of a Personal Medicine Bag and designer of Charms and Talismans for good luck, health, love, traveling, and career; Mz. Kaye offers her talents in all areas of life. Medicine Bags usually run $18 on up each.

Are you interested in developing your psychic abilities? Mz. Kaye can help you realize your own potential and where it should be focused. Beginning Psychic Development Workshops that are open to the public are available every other Wednesday at 6 pm. Click here for the calendar.  We also have a medium and semi advance workshop available. Call now to set up an appointment, or stop by for more information.

Ye Psychic Shoppe~ 817 SW Adams~ Peoria, Illinois 61602
309-282-6768~ Services offered and fees:
Tarot Card Readings ~ Past Life Regressions ~ Reunions with the Dead ~ Consultations on all matters in life ~ Psychic Development ~ Spirit Rescue ~ $45.00 per ½ hour

Holistic Health Practitioner (Cherokee Traditionalist) ~ Crystal n’ Gem Energy Healing ~ Chakra Toning ~ Reiki ~ Medicine Wheel ~ Purification ~ Dreamwork ~ Crystal n’ Gem Energy Healing~

Appointments are available 7 days a week, Noon-8 pm. 309-282-6768 leave a message and someone will get back to you to set up an appointment or a consultation. Please speak very clearly and leave your name, phone number, and the reason you are calling.

Tarot Card Readings~
Past Life Regressions~
Reunions with the Dead~
Consultations on all matters in life~
Psychic Development~
Spirit Rescue~
[[As an energy reader, Mz Kaye zeros in on your particular area of question. She is going to be straight and honest with you. She doesn’t play games like some of “the” others. She doesn’t want your last name, where you live, she is not going to ask you anyone’s name in your family etc..]]      #MysticArtsPeoria Copyright © 2022, Mystic Arts All rights reserved.