Mystic Arts

~ Mystic Arts ~

817 SW Adams, Peoria, Illinois  61602

Thursday~ Sunday: [NOON~4PM]

CLOSED: ~Monday~Wednesday

Curious and Curiosity

Calendar of Events:

Crystals n’ Gems n’ Rocks n’ Stones

Crystals n’ Gems n’ Rocks n’ Jewelry

Haunted Peoria Tours, THE ORIGINAL

Incense: Sticks, Cones, Resin, Powder

HERBS~magikal, medical, historical, plants, seeds, tea.

Home Decorations

Illinois Institute of Metaphysics

[Indigenous] Native American~Pagan Federation

[Indigenous]Native American, Peoria

Mystic Tea

Mystic Arts: itemized

Mystic Arts, Gallery: Artist from near and far.

Mz. Kaye, Psychic Shoppe

Peoria Leather Company

Universal Wellness Learning Center

Vintage Creations

Ye Gothic Shoppe/Voodoo Peoria

Prices are subject to change without notice. Shipping charges are estimated on each piece. We only charge actual shipping charges. We will refund the difference. Better yet, send us your order via our e-mail address and we will send you an invoice.

Probably closed all Federal and State celebrated days, call or e-mail and check. You can always make an appointment 24 hours in advance.                    #MysticArtsPeoria