Charcoal, Burners, how to use

Directions for using Charcoal.

You will need
#1 A ceramic, glass, or metal bowl
#2 Sand, Pick a color of sand. See color coordination below.
[The sand will absorb the heat generated by the charcoal].
#3 Charcoal. When ready take the piece of charcoal and light it on the corner for [see below] about 10 seconds. You will notice the charcoal throwing out sparks, this is good.  Place the charcoal on the sand, When you see a  thin layer of white it is ready. Put 3 pieces or very little resin. [a little goes a long way]. [See below]
#4 Need resin. Several are available, Choose by color, smell, personal growth, meditation, or energy.

Charcoal and burners.