Mojo Bags n’ Gris Gris

*Better Business Gris Gris Ball, Triple Strength $21.95

Hang in your place of business to attract customers, this powerful Gris Gris ball will also compel them to spend lots of money. The ball will also protect your business from envious people trying to bring it down.

The energy of this Gris Gris ball only lasts for 9 weeks, take the ball to a crossroad, stomp on it, thank it for its help, and don’t look back. Come purchase another ball to continue the success and growth of your business.

*Come To Me/Love Drawing Gris Gris Ball $21.95

Hang this ball in your home to bring love and keep love. It helps attract new lovers or bring an old flame back. On a piece of parchment paper write the name of the one you desire along with your name and tape the paper on the ball. Burn some Love Drawing incense and while the incense is burning recite the prayer to the Dominating Spirit and pass the ball thru the incense. Concentrate on your desire while performing this ritual. Repeat this once a week, and on the 7th week bury the ball in your front yard. If the lover has not returned, repeat the ritual.

*Shrunken Head, $17,
3″ to 5″