July 2022

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JULY 2022

July 2nd~Saturday~4pm
Workshop: $13
Magikal Creatures~ Harnessing the Magikal power of Gargoyles, Griffins, Dragons, Pixies, Sprites, etc… Learn how to use the energy signature they represent and utilize it. Ongoing workshops. [Psychic Development] [Healing Arts].

July 6th~Wednesday~6pm
Workshop: $10
How to defend yourself against the dark arts.
Explain the difference, crafting some techniques to help you overcome it.

July 9th~Saturday~4pm
Workshop: $17
Working with Pendulums
Let us show you how to use your pendulum. Are you using yours right? Includes a mat.

July 10th~Sunday~4pm
Workshop: $17
Energy Flow, #2 [You need to take Energy Flow #1 first]
Learn how to recognize the flow of natural, healing, and paranormal energy signatures all around. We learn how to blend energy into several others. [Psychic Development]

July 11th, 13th, 15th, 18th, 20th, 22nd.
Monday~Wednesday~Friday, 2 weeks. 6pm
Workshop: Tarot Cards~ $87
*Discovering the Magik of Tarot: This advanced course includes, but is not limited to: Reading, Understanding the various aspects of the different tarot cards, and how to create a reading.

July 16th~Saturday~4pm
Workshop: Spellcraft~ $40
3 lessons into the methodology of writing your own spells.
July 16th~23rd~30th. 3-day workshop.

July 17th~Sunday~3pm [RSVP] [3-4 hours] $150
Workshop: Energy Healing~ Native American, we utilize a Cherokee Healing Ritual along with Eastern Chi Balancing. This method works at unblocking the energy flow with Native American n’ Eastern philosophy.

July 21st~ Voodoo group~ 6pm
Discussion. Open House. $free
The first gathering for the Voodoo Clan. Want to join? What to expect, etc… PLEASE RSVP [templeofthephoenix21@gmail.com]

July 23rd~ Saturday~ 4pm
continue workshop on Spellcraft #2
3 lessons into the methodology of writing your own spells.

July 30th~ Saturday~ 4pm
Continue workshop on Spellcraft.
3 lessons into the methodology of writing your own spells.

July 31st~ Sunday~ 4pm
Fun in the Sun~ $20
Tombstone Rubbing. We love this one! We supply everything you need. Join us as we visit the local cemetery. Copy a masterpiece!

Don’t forget to RSVP. [templeofthephoenix21@gmail.com]