Universal Wellness Center

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Energy Healing~ We utilize a Native American Cherokee n’ Eastern philosophy. Combining Energy+Reiki+Chakra with the Earth gravity~natural elements flow we can focus the direction of the bad cells out of the body. $75 30 min+

Chi Balancing ~ An experience in itself.Tune and balance the body to each of your own internal Chi tones. 45 min -/+. Price varies.

Chakra Toning ~ Tune, cleanse and balance each Chakra in the body. Unblocking all passages, as we open up the avenues for better protection, creativity, and dreams, the reach is endless. $ 97. 45 min -/+

You can add Crystals n’ Gems n’ Stones to any of our healing methods. $25. Each gem signature is wrapped with their own energy distinction, great for merging together with any of our other healing services. Along the while they are healing emotional and physical well-being.

Stone Heat Therapy~ This works great with the Crystals n’ Gems and Stones therapy. Warm stones are placed on and around the body, intermixed with the Crystals n’ Gems n’ Stones. Warm energy flows as they unblock your meridian paths in your body. $85. 30 min -/+

Reiki~ Reiki is the art of facilitating an ancient healing art. We incorporate Reiki in all our Wellness services.

Medicine Wheel~ We gather every year to come together to create a group healing session. Limit 5 people. We shall move the healing energy throughout the wheel, absorb various colors, find strength in each person. Great rejuvenation. $100 2.5 hours -/+.

contact us at generalmysticartsltd@yahoo.com Appointment mandatory.