We at the Temple Seek

We shall learn of Honesty and attempt to heal our fear of it.

We shall learn to Love Unconditionally-beginning with ourselves.

We shall release Judgement in the Void-We will see, identify and choose for ourselves only.

We shall Recognize our Higher Power – that which corresponds with our visions. We shall seek to learn more and make a connection.

We shall destroy no one in any way – through discouraging self-love.

We shall use our minds by study and spiritual growth.

We shall learn self-discipline so that we can respond to the Earth with wisdom.

We will learn to take full responsibility for our own actions in life – blaming no other.

We shall grow in Peace by change of attitude and understanding of others.

We shall learn to Love All Mankind by seeing the Highest in all people without exception.

We shall promote the healing of the Mind, the Body, and the Spirit by teaching and living the belief.

We shall Speak and think of Love, Honesty, and Wisdom.

We shall live in Moderation [Balance] in All areas of our life.

We will be known for our Loyalty, We shall give our all to the Temple, as the Temple gives it all to us.