October 2023

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Mystic Arts, 817 SW Adams, Peoria, Ill, 61602
e-mail: spiritproductionspeoria@gmail.com
July Calendar of Events
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October 1st, Sunday

October 4th, Wednesday

October 6th, Friday

October 7th, Saturday

October 8th, Sunday

October 11th, Wednesday

October 13th, Friday

October 14th, Saturday

October 15th, Sunday
Bookbinder~Oct 15th~Sunday $8

October 18th, Wednesday

October 20th, Friday
Cooper Park~Oct 20th~Friday~ $8

October 21st, Saturday
Native American~French Burial Grounds~Oct 21st~ Saturday~$8

October 22nd, Sunday
Shelton Gang~Oct 22nd~Sunday~$8

October 25th, Wednesday
Springdale #2~Oct 25th~Wednesday $15

October 27th, Friday
Bookbinder~Oct 27th~Friday~$10

October 28th, Saturday
Springdale #1,

October 29th, Sunday
Talking with the Spirits~Oct 29th~Sunday~$30

October 30th, Monday

October 31st, Tuesday
Talking with the Spirits~Oct 31st~Sunday~$30

November 1st, Wednesday

Our regular monthly schedule.

CIPI Team: 6pm, First Wednesday. Discussions, Field Trips
[Paranormal][The Original Haunted Peoria Tours].

Native American, Peoria
Workshops, Discussions: Drumming, Classes. 4th Saturday. 4pm

UWLC: 2nd Sunday of the month @ 4pm
[Universal Wellness Learning Center]

Full Moon Gathering: check above!

Workshops: every Saturday, pm [except where noted]
[Temple of the Phoenix].

Voodoo, Peoria~

Native American, 4th Saturday. Classes, Workshops.

Body, Mind, Spirit: Beginner~Advanced Workshops, Monday and Tuesday/Wednesday, 6pm [Days and times vary]

Various Workshops, 2nd Thursday, 6pm

Various Workshops, 4th Thursday, 6pm

Haunted Peoria Tours:
Bookbinder~Oct 15th~Sunday $8
Cooper Park~Oct 20th~Friday~ $8
Native American~French Burial Grounds~Oct 21st~ Saturday~$8
Shelton Gang~Oct 22nd~Sunday~$8
Springdale #2~Oct 25th~Wednesday $15

Check out the other services we offer!

Psychic Development:
A basis to find out about your personality, to help realize your own potential and where it should be focused. Many people refuse to accept that they have any type of psychic abilities.

Most people are born with a certain degree of psychic ability, ESP, DEJA VU. It’s precognitive, A lot of people are frightened of their abilities, they are found in mental wards, on drugs, they are alcoholics because they don’t understand what is going on within themselves. We work with each person to slowly gather and hone in and take control on each person’s ability, while slowly increasing and finding out exactly what each person’s ability is.

e-mail: spiritproductionspeoria@gmail.com