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Mz. Kaye,
817 SW Adams, Peoria, Illinois 61602

Ye Psychic Shoppe
817 SW Adams
Peoria, Illinois 61602

Services offered and fees:
Tarot Card Readings ~ Past Life Regressions ~ Reunions with the Dead ~ Consultations on all matters in life ~ Spirit Rescue ~ $45.00 per ½ hour [No other hidden fees].


Mz. Kaye was born a natural Psychic and Energy Reader. She utilizes her gifts as a Seer, Psychic, and Medium to help people with questions and overcome concerns about life, career, destiny, love, and those who have passed over.

As an energy reader, Mz. Kaye focuses on your particular question. She shares her findings in a straightforward and honest conversation. This is done not by asking leading questions that others often utilize to gain information. Focus will be on your particular area of inquiry. Straight forward and honest, you will be amazed by the knowledge gained from her insights.

Mz. Kaye is a highly respected Tarot and Energy Reader. Her services include offering information regarding reincarnation and past-life readings. Be assured that all discussions are held with the highest confidentiality. Tarot Card Readings – Past Life – Reunions with the Dead – Consultations: Consultations begin at $45.00 per 30 minutes.

Are you interested in developing your own potential and how to focus your energy? Beginning Psychic Development workshops are available weekly. Programs can be tailored to your specific needs. Please be specific in your inquiry when contacting Mz. Kaye.

Mz. Kaye has the ability to control energy by focusing and assisting an individual in the healing process. Healing is facilitated by disintegrating the bad cells and enabling the good cells to move forward in a natural healing process. Each individual requires a unique consultation. Mz. Kaye is proficient in several of the healing arts and will determine which is best suited for each individual.

Areas of Healing Practices Include:
Holistic Health using a combination of the Cherokee Tradition, Crystal n’ Gems, Chakra Toning, and Reiki. These are customized to your needs.

Examples of our techniques:
Cherokee Tradition – the gathering of nature’s healing essence and applying to the body to allow the body to heal.
Crystal n’ Gem Energy Healings – utilizing the energy of natural occurring crystals and gems.
Chakra – align and review as needed.

Energy Healing Consultation:
Initial discussion to determine your issue: $15.00.

The following actual healing process begins at $45 for each 30 minute session.

Appointments available with Mz. Kaye:
Sunday through Saturday, between noon and 7:00 pm

Leave a message for Mz. Kaye at 309/282-6758. Your call will be returned to schedule an appointment. Please speak clearly, repeating all information, including the purpose of your call.
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Past Life~
Reunions with the Dead~
Consultations on all matters in life~
Psychic Development~
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