“I want to learn more but I just don’t have time to study!”
How many times have you caught yourself saying or thinking that? It’s an easy rut to fall into – we’ve all got jobs, families, and lives, and it’s easy to let ourselves fall into the habit of not making time for our spirituality. However, if you think about some of the ways we waste the twenty-four hours a day we DO have, it’s not so hard to re-prioritize. If you feel like you don’t have the time you need to work on your spirituality as much as you’d like to, then take a long and hard look at how you are spending your days. Are there ways you can save time, that you can then dedicate to your spiritual journey?

Esoteric is defined as something that is understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest. Esotericism is considered to be an occult-like movement because they most often practice secretly. There is also secret knowledge that is only known to the people in the group. The word “esotericism” refers to the inner, hidden side of humanity’s spiritual and cultural life.

Traditional knowledge and the olde ways of the ancients gathered from history is what we teach here at the Institute.

The Institute/Temple of The Phoenix teaches Esoteric~Historical Native American~Paganism~and the Craft.

You may also be interested in our degree program associated with our classes. 15 weeks each of 4 cycles. [Earth, Aire, Water, Fire]. You receive a certification for each of the cycles with a final certification for all [Spirit]. Issued in Ceremony. You must be a member to enter into the degree program. This includes your choice of 8 workshops, [you pick]. Here at the Temple, we teach eclectic, which is a little bit of everything. How can you know what your path is unless you “taste” a little of everything? We maintain a negative free environment! Let us design a degree for you!

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CL003   So you wanna learn?
CL001   Earth’s Creed,  Rede’, Your Legal Rights?
CL002   Law of Accountability.
CL004   History of, Esoteric~Historically, Paganism.
CL006   Stonehenge, Atlantis and other “magickal” places.
CL007   Traditions:   Garderian, Alexandrian.
CL008   Traditions: Mithra.
CL009   Traditions: Zoroastrianism
CL027   Tradition: Norse, Viking, Teutonic.
CL010   Traditions:   Druids: An intro to the historical world of ancient druids.
CL030   Traditions:   Celtics.
CL000   Magickal Creatures n’ Gods n’ Goddess’s
CL037   Traditions: Deborean. [Celtic/Native American]
CL011   Traditions:   Isaac Bonewitz
CL012   Traditions:   Voodoo, Hoodoo, Houdon, Yoruba, African. An intro to the fascinating world of African Religion.
CL013   Traditions:   Santeria, (movie, Skeleton Key)
CL000    Magickal Creatures n’ Gods n’ Goddess’s
CL014   Traditions:   The Gypsy Craft, Romani.
CL038    Tradition: British Traditional.
CL015   Traditions:   Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley, Crazy or genius?.
CL017   Traditions:   King Arthur, Avalon, Mist of Avalon.
CL000   Magickal Creatures n’ Gods n’ Goddess’s
CL018   Traditions: Dianic.
CL019   Traditions:   Buddhism, Judaism.
CL000   Traditions: Zen
CL020   Traditions:   Qaballah, Tree of Life, Intro,
CL021   Traditions:   Egypt, Ancient, Culture.
CL022   Traditions: Stregheria, The Italian Craft.
CL000    Magickal Creatures n’ Gods n’ Goddess’s
CL000a  Witch class: Symbols, Talismans, and Omens.
CL000b  Witch class: Symbols, Talismans, and Omens.
CL0023 Traditions: Seax Witch.
CL0024  Traditions:   Faerie, Faeri[elves, pixies, sprites]
CL025a  Traditions:   Greece, Greek, Pagan vs. Christianity, 2 weeks
CL025b  Traditions:   Greece, Greek, Pagan vs. Christianity, 2 weeks
CL026    Roman/Aztec/Egyptian/Mayan Calendar.
CL000    Magickal Creatures n’ Gods n’ Goddess’s
CL028    Humanism.
CL029   Heathenism.
CL032   Reincarnation, Karma How full is your Karma Bag?
CL033   Magick: Energy Tools, Faith, What makes Magick work? Why doesn’t it work sometimes?
CL036 Moon Lore~ Esbats, Come explore moon ritual and the energy the moon controls.
CL047   Obtaining Dharma.

February 2, Imbolc
March 20~23, Ostara
May 1, Beltane, Mayday
June 20~23, Summer Solstice, Midsummer’s Eve, Litha, Longest Day
August 1, Lughnassad
September 20~23, Mabon
October 31, Samhain, All Hallows Eve, Day of the Dead
December 21~23, Yule, Winters Eve, Longest Night

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Calendar of Events

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