June 2022

June 2022 Schedule of Events:
**MUST RSVP** templeofthephoenix21@gmail.com

June 11th~Saturday~4pm
Energy Flow~ Learn how to recognize the flow of natural, healing and paranormal energy signatures all around. [Psychic Development]

June 12th~Sunday~3:30pm
Open House, Healing Arts, free
Explaining the different techniques taught here at the Wellness Center. Come learn the ever extensive historical subject of the healing Arts. An ongoing discussion, extensive, and complex course. Going back from ancient history to the modern age.

June 16th, Thursday~6pm
Voodoo Open House
Group Meeting~$ ?

June 18th~Saturday~4pm
Workshop, Working w/ Candle Flames
Movement, flow, concentration.
[psychic development]

June 25th~ Saturday~4pm
Crystals, Gems, Semi-Precious~$13
Learn energy control and distinction of each stones energy signature.

June 26th~ Sunday~ 4pm
Workshop: Talismans n’ Charms, $13
Learning the difference, how to go about creating your own talisman.