August 2021

August 2021 Schedule of Events:

August 7th~Saturday~2pm
Roman Gods~Goddess’s

August 11th~Wednesday~6pm
Psychic Development~$5 plus stones
Crystals n’ Stones n’ Gems

August 14th~Saturday~2pm
Esbat~Sabbat~Moon Lore

August 15th~Sunday~UWLC/Native Lore
Workshop #1~$65
Medicine Wheel~Come gather as we develop an original Medicine Wheel from start to finish. 3 classes

August 17th~Tuesday~UWLC/Native Lore
Workshop #2
Medicine Wheel~ see above
August 19th~Thursday~UWLC/Native Lore
Workshop #3
Medicine Wheel~ see above

August 21st~Saturday~2pm
Reincarnation~Karma~Full Moon, Intro

August 21st~Saturday~8pm
Full Moon

August 22nd~Sunday~4pm
Tombstone Rubbings~ Come on out to our favorite cemetery as we grab some art paper and copy an antique tombstone or two.

August 25th~Wednesday~6pm
Psychic Development~$15
Working with Pendulums. 1 class~ Let us show you how to use your pendulum. Are you using yours right?

August 28th~Saturday~2pm
Native Lore~ Totems~Intro, Design

August 30th~Monday~6pm
Divination~Workshop~ #1
Runes~ Advanced~ $95. Casting and Reading~ Learn the designs of the Runes, the history, the alpha, representation, talismans, reading castings. 5 classes.