Body~Mind~Spirit Workshops

Runes~ Advanced~ 4 weeks, $175. Casting and Reading~ Learn the designs of the Runes, the history, the alpha, representation, talismans, and reading castings. 8 classes.

Discovering the Magick of the Tarot~ Advanced~ 4 weeks, $175. The course includes reading, understanding the various aspects of the cards, a few layouts. positive~negative cards. 8 classes.

The Magick of Aromatherapy~ 2 weeks~ Come and harness the healing power of a zillion different types of aroma. Includes the knowledge of vaporizers, baths, steam, compresses, incense, blending, moisturizers, shampoo, and vapor rubs. 4 workshops. $97

WORKING WITH PENDULUMS~ 1 class~ Let us show you how to use your pendulum. Are you using yours right? Includes a mat. $20

The Magick of Palm Reading~ Advanced~ 2 weeks~ Includes understanding the various aspects of the palm lines. 4 classes. $97

Astrology~ Advanced~ 7 weeks, $325. Covers History, Tradition, Zodiac, Horoscope, Signs, Elements, Planetary, and Leadership. Western, Chinese, etc. This is a very complex course. 14 classes.